TabStip on SAP CRM 7

you wan to know how to do it..

I needed to find out…but it is like top secret on the net. I mean c´mon it´s just a tabStrip on the web page…

well I´ve figured it out… you need hints ? please write coment…  

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What about 2012

Hi there,

what about 2012… well lets say, I should be more active on  this…

P.S. all Users who are registred if do not leave coment on this will be deleted  by friday as they are probably bots

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whats new in 2011


something new in 2011. or you probably continue to go your usual day… get up, drink coffe or tea some milk perhaps.

thinking of what is to be done today and how marvelous job you will do and nobody will notice it ?  NO?

thinking of what you have not done and nobody see it too ?
I´ve had some stuff to do, but from February (Tomorrow) the goal should be to find at lease one day in the week to write 2-3 words here…

 Have nice 2011

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Who is reading…

Room with round table. Persones sitting and waiting. Some one opens the door.


Hallo, I´m sorry you are waiting so long

but Mr Project Manager will not be able to attend this meeting.

Consultant1 reading agenda for himself



  • Mr. Project Manger introduce himself

CONSULTANT2 – LOUD (for him self)

Well folks it was nice to having you spending this 15K€ for this one hour.


Hallo I have seen there are some people who are reading this…

I have to find time to make some changes to see how many hints and so on…

but it would be niche if some of you give some comments on this if you like or dislike .. do not be worried i´ll not jump of the bridge even if you say I should stop writing this 🙂

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New Way – SAP as Sceneplay

Hi All.. I decided to write some SAP casuals as scene play from movies…  

 here first the short one… hope you´ll like it…



you think we can handle this in the time


it depeds on how long you can move the time line in the future or replan the timeline.



what do they speak about


about stuff that we have implemented but none of them knows actualy what we do


so on the CR 4711 we make +4 Days effort


Yep, same story as usual.


Finaly time to read WSJ online.

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New Important Command

One more you should know how to use is also /h. But the real art is in not to use it … yeah i know tricky ..should know it but not use it…

It does not matter if you are consultant or developer sometimes is /h the short way to come to your finish.. .but alway use SAP-Standard….

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MIC (Most Important Command)

one of the most important command you should not forget is /nex !!!

Use it on your own risk 🙂

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to Lead or not to Lead

Often some have problem to remember how was it with the lead…  how was it that the lead is hot or not…questionaries and so on …

here is nice explenation for difference betwene the lead and the opportunities and what the advantages of a lead in CRM System are :  

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System Landscape

There are some “smartones” who say -> we put the data on the productive system and than we decide go or no go 🙂 try to find mistake…well for this you should have backup on your DoubleSide Disket ?!  3,5″ of course it is easier to transport…

ok seriously …

The system landscape for CRM or any SAP Module should/could/may usually looks like this:

A) Development system (here you do all customizing settings and developments). here is the place where the Developers should test there stuff. Yes, the Developers test also for those who have not done it till now…your bad i would say… but unfortunetly i have to say i saw some collegues who just have made some changes on some peace of code withouth testing…

B) QA (quality assurance system): for end user training and especially for unit testing and integration testing purposes. Here you can have team of tester who can test whole proces. from creating the client, over opportunities, acctivities and so on…

C) Productive system. Well here is not much to be told only good luck with transports to the productive so it works as needed and that SoulMan does his job correctly.

By companies you can have some other systems like Training System or Performance Systems.. but it depends of course on the amount of the money you are able to spend and how complex your IT is.

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The Roles

Hi there, long time not writing something..

at the moment I´m into roles and security of sap… the building of role and assigning of authority objects. Than use of the authorit objects in your application… this is a whole new stuff. But as i learnd from the collegue of mine.. in SAP we give rights…

If you use authority objects than use them to give right to a user of the system but not to take user rights away.

example you have something like relationships zwischen the client and Persones for maintaining the relationships on your PCUI-Application you give to someone right for this

or for giving a right to user to use RFC- Call to ERP system you have to give the user S_RFC authority object by which he/she get right for RFC Call to ERP…

 More Infos on Autority soon…

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